Visiting San francisco, California, United States


San Francisco is the golden city and home to the Golden Gate Bridge. It has highly fashionable districts dotted inside the city. Some of the upscale places are Carmel, and Sausalito. Visit the Fisherman’s Wharf, which comprises of piers and the famous Ghirardelli Square. Here you can rent battery-operated tiny little cars and cruise the wharf. There is always something happening at the Wharf. Keep an eye out for men walking on stilts, street performers, and hundreds of street vendors selling various things. Do not forget to eat the fish n chips here. It is a world-famous delicacy. South of Market is home to the most famous skyscrapers and museums. It is also known as the sports capital of the city. There is Red Wood City on the outskirts of San Francisco which is home to the most famous giant sequoia trees.  All the trees here are red in color.

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